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Ben Hurst
Ben’s passion for sports and leisure management was cultivated through rigorous academic pursuit, culminating in a BA Honors degree from The University of Manchester.

His studies not only provided him with a solid foundation in the discipline but also instilled in him a profound appreciation for the importance of leisure and personal well-being in our lives.

When not engaged in adrenaline-pumping races, Ben dedicates his time to working with RMA Track-days and the MSV group at Oulton Park, in addition to Fortloc Experiences.

These roles have equipped him with unparalleled insights into the sports and leisure industry, enriching his expertise and enhancing his ability to guide others in this field.

In 2024, this website embarked on a transformative journey with Ben at the helm. Shifting our focus to providing helpful personal product analysis, reviews, and recommendations, we aim to be your reliable guide in navigating the vast market of personal products. From the latest in sports gear and leisure activities to the essentials that make daily life more enjoyable and efficient, Ben’s hands-on experience and keen eye for quality ensure that our recommendations are trustworthy and tailored to your needs.
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